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Would you like to share some of your time helping others in their time of need?

If so, you may want to think about becoming a volunteer member of the Mad River Valley Ambulance Service.

We are always looking for Medical Attendants, Rescue Members, Dispatchers and Drivers.  MRVAS provides the required training and even covers the cost!  If being part of our awesome team sounds exciting to you, just download an application.

Come join our membership of Valley residents who are helping to make our community a safer place.

Attendants: Attendants are Vermont Certified Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). MRVAS attendants act as first responders who can react quickly to emergency calls and provide patient care prior to the arrival of the ambulance and crew. Also, during duty shifts, two attendants - at least one of whom is certified at the Advanced EMT level - make up the medical crew who deliver care and treatment to patients on-scene and in the ambulance.


Rescue Team: Rescue volunteers respond to most vehicle accidents to provide traffic control, stabilize vehicles and extricate patients. MRVAS Rescue also provides off-road and backcountry rescue, snowmobile rescue and water rescue & expertise on any call where ingenious assistance and special training and equipment may be required.

Dispatchers:  Dispatchers answer the calls for help, and dispatch the crew members and ambulances. They can do this from their homes and/or local businesses.  They are the first contact with MRVAS in an emergency.

Drivers: As the third member of the duty crew, the driver is responsible for the safe operation of the ambulance with patients and crew on board. The driver will often help with equipment and assist the attendants in moving patients and readying them for transport. Some MRVAS drivers are also certified EMRs or EMTs, although this is not a requirement.


Click here to download an application.


If you have any questions or to request an application by mail, please call our business office at 802-496-8888 or send an email to



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