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Since 1970, the Mad River Valley Ambulance Service has been providing 24-hour Emergency Medical Service to residents and visitors of the Mad River Valley and the Sugarbush & Mad River Glen ski areas. Since its inception, MRVAS has undergone considerable growth to keep pace with the growing needs of the community as well as advances in emergency medical care.

The service is fortunate to have a highly dedicated group of over 70 volunteers consisting of:  


Medical Team:  Many of these members have advanced training and certification, which enables them to perform advanced life support procedures.


Rescue Team:  This team spends extra time training for the technical job of extricating patients from motor vehicle accidents or from other difficult and complex situations requiring special equipment.


Dispatchers:  Our team of Dispatchers are the first contact with MRVAS in an emergency. With a calm demeanor, they ensure that the appropriate emergency services get to the right place as soon as possible.

Drivers:  The driver is responsible for the safe operation of the ambulance with patients and crew on board.  They will often help with equipment and assist the attendants in moving patients and readying them for transport. Some MRVAS drivers are also certified EMRs or EMTs, although this is not a requirement.


Our volunteers are not compensated for their time, which includes a minimum of five 12-hour duty shifts per month and at least one night of training each month, along with other duties required of any organization.  

MRVAS welcomes new members. You will find information about joining MRVAS on the volunteer page of this website. We provide equipment and training as well as a great opportunity to develop useful skills while giving something back to the community.

MRVAS has three Type II ambulances (all of which are four-wheel drive) as well as a Type I four-wheel-drive vehicle used for rescue. When time to treatment may mean the difference between life and death, the DHART Helicopter is available for the transport.  We operate under the medical direction of the Central Vermont Medical Center and Vermont EMS District 6

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